Athletic Park Information

[ Information will be updated to 2018 version soon ]

Please use the pdfPDF for printing data

Course Map and Traffic Control

For Full Marathon Runners

[ Start line up time 8:40 ]

①Please line up at the starting area by 8:40 a.m. The event staff will be carrying a placard. Please follow their guidance and line in the block (Alphabet shown on your number card)

※Those who cut the line off and do not follow the event staffs' guidance might be subject to disqualification from the race.

※All runners will be positioned at the very back of the line after 8:40.

②10km road race starts at 9:40 a.m. To avoid collision, full marathon runners are advised to run left side of the course up to 5km point.

Measurement mat

Please be sure to run over the detector mats which installed at the start point, goal point, half point, and every 5km points.

f you don’t, your running time will not be recorded and will not be displayed on your race completion certificate. Also be aware that if you do not run over the entire detector mat you might be subject to disqualified from the race. So again, please be careful.

Please use the pdfPDF for printing data

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